Color Splash Gallery

A splash of color and light    for your wall!

Abstract paintings in every color of the rainbow

by diane schrader

My background

I could never choose just one color of anything - rainbow is my favorite color. Studying art in college sparked a lifelong passion for color and light, great works of stained glass, and the great masters of color and light like Renoir and Rembrandt. My work has been displayed in numerous exhibits (both physical and virtual) and has also been honored as "best in show."

my media

I use many different kinds of acrylic paint, with plenty of gorgeous metallics. Most of my works are sealed with a UV protectant varnish that adds gloss and dimension. Generally, hardware is not attached to the back so you can decide the orientation of each piece  (if canvases have been displayed in gallery exhibits  they do have hardware attached - this is noted in each painting's description).

my  inspiration

Rainbows in nature and everyday life - brightly-painted flowers, birds, and fish; a bubble gum dispenser filled with color; a vibrant neon sign - brilliant  hues everywhere inspire me. I'm passionate about color for color's sake, and I focus on abstract painting including fluid art. After all - the world can't have too much color and light!